Electronic Entertainment Expose [E3] 2005 News

PlayStation 3 posters appear in LA

Posters have started appearing around the vicinity of the E3 Expose' on bus stops and billboards which indicate that PlayStation 3 will be indeed called just that.

Nearly every year Sony lines the L.A. Convention Center where E3 is held with PlayStation symbols, the well-known X, Circle, Square, and Triangle pattern. This year, the insignias have taken on a new style, appearing on bus stops and billboards, to build hype for the PlayStation 3, which is expected to show in full force at Sony's press conference on Monday.

The X, Circle, Square, and Triangle pattern has been diced apart to produce a more alien look. Combined, a half-circle, broken X, sharply cut triangle, and cropped square end up looking more like glyphs from another world.

Sony's message: "Welcome Chang3." Yes, instead of an "E" the letter is replaced with a squared-off "3," clearly signalling the PS3's presence at the show. While it's still hazy just how much of a presence Sony will make with the PS3, these ads prove that the electronics giant has not forgotten how to play the game.

Indeed, Microsoft's strong showing of Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Revolution debut won't go unchallenged by the king of the hill.