PlayStation All-Stars Character Profile: Big Daddy

 In preparation for the impending release of Sony and SuperBot Entertainment’s crossover brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (of which we are very, very excited), we thought we’d take a look at the playable fighters we know are coming to the game and bring you up to speed with detailed character profiles that dig a little deeper into what makes each hero (and villain) tick.

Today, we’re profiling Big Daddy, the iconic genetically-enhanced human being from the Bioshock series.


Bio: Big Daddy isn’t a single entity. There are several types of this character in the Bioshock games, each offering something a little different. One thing they all have in common though is that they’re all fearsome and extremely dangerous. It takes very careful planning, a full stock of items, and meticulously placed traps to take one down.

Characterized by the round diving helmet with eight portholes, the particular model presented in PlayStation All-Stars is the Bouncer type. Bouncers get their name from their attack that shakes the area around them by slamming their huge drills into the ground. Big Daddy’s entire reason for existing is to protect his Little Sister, young girls turned into genetic material harvesting monsters through being kidnapped and then brainwashed. Sisters are almost always seen with Big Daddies, looking for the next corpse to drain. During this process, Big Daddy is always cautious, as shown by his helmet glowing yellow. If anyone comes too close, or seems to pose a threat to his Little Sister, his helmet will glow red, indicating rage, and "Mr. Bubbles", as the sisters call him, will obliterate his target.

Shining Moment: As an enemy, Big Daddy’s shining moment is the first battle with one of his kind. Players are completely unprepared for his onslaught. Using his drill to cause you to lose balance, your screen shakes with unease, as he barrels across the screen with his drill ready to separate your torso from your legs. His huge arms make even a punch from him devastating, as you’re knocked around the screen, trying your best to keep your aim steady and take him down. When he finally let’s out his death-cry, you know you’ve earned the upgrades you’re going to receive.


Level 1: A Little Sister attacks anyone in front of Big Daddy

Level 2: Big Daddy is filled with rage. His helmet turns red, his mobility is increased slightly and all attacks are one hit kills for a small period of time

Level 3: Big Daddy makes the stage feel a bit more like home in Rapture, and submerges the entire area in water. Opponents’ movement speed is made extremely sluggish, and Big Daddy is able to lunge across the screen with his drill.