PlayStation All-Stars Character Profile: Heihachi Mishima

In preparation for the impending release of Sony and SuperBot Entertainment’s crossover brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (of which we are very, very excited), we thought we’d take a look back at the playable fighters we know are coming to the game and bring you up to speed with detailed character profiles that dig a little deeper into what makes each hero (and villain) tick.

Today, we’re profiling Heihachi Mishima, anti-hero of the Tekken fighting franchise, and a sure bet for technical complexity and depth when he makes his PlayStation All-Stars debut.


Seen in: Tekken series, Soul Calibur II, Street Fighter x Tekken

Bio: Heihachi Mishima, one of the Tekken series’ main protagonists, is one of only four characters to appear in every Tekken game. He terrorizes the good guys along with Kazuya and Jin and is thus far the only confirmed representative from a fighting series in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

In the Tekken series, Heihachi is a cold ruthless man with no remorse and only his own interests at heart. He is often viewed as the true "anti-hero" of the series and is popular because of his realistic (selfish) personality. Notable moves include the Electric Wind Godfist, Demon Slayer, and Tsunami Kick. Heihachi can often be seen defying all odds; in the first Tekken, he is tossed off a cliff and lives. He is also believed to be dead after waves of Jack-4 robots attack him in Tekken 5, but Heihachi is no ordinary man.

Shining Moment: Heihachi’s defining moment comes when he earns victory over son Kazuya at the end of Tekken 2 and, in a true bout of ruthlessness, throws him into a volcano and kills him… or so he thinks. This event sets up the beginning of Tekken 4, set exactly 20 years after the end of Tekken 2, and reintroduces Kazuya to the series.


Level 1: Slams an opponent into the ground

Level 2: Summons Kuma (everyone’s favorite fighting bear), who aids Heihachi in attacking opponents

Level 3: Straps all opponents to a rocket and sends them to space. This is a reference to Heihachi’s ending movie in Tekken 5, where he does the same to Jin, Kazuya, and Lee.