PlayStation All-Stars Character Profile: Nariko

Seen in: Heavenly Sword

Bio: Nariko is a member of the clan who is responsible for keeping the life-draining Heavenly Sword’s incredible power from falling into the hands of those who would use it for evil. The clan long prophesied that in the year of the fire-horse, a deity in the form of a male heir would be reborn and claim the sword as his own, ending the warring over the blade. The clan’s hopes were dashed, however, when Nariko was the one born in this year, and it was assumed the prophecy would not be fulfilled. When King Bohan attacks her city, she is forced to use the cursed weapon to defend her friends and family. With the sword steadily stealing her vitality, she fought her way through the King’s forces, defied all odds, and kept those whom she cared for safe. Nariko proved that one needn’t be the ‘chosen one’ to be a hero.

Shining Moment: When the Heavenly Sword’s dark powers consume the last of Nariko’s energy during the game’s final battle, it appears that all is lost. Nariko forcefully tells the spirit of the revered and legendary blade that without her, that the Heavenly Sword will go on to be nothing more than an ancient artifact to be displayed behind glass. The demonic weapon sees the truth in her words, realizing it needs her to keep the legend of its power alive. Nariko returns to the living as a shining white goddess of death. She easily kills the remainder of King Bohan’s army, and then defeats the monarch’s own powerful form.


Level 1: Nariko’s sister Kai appears, using her crossbow to shoot horizontally across the screen to take out enemies.

Level 2: A turret cannon rises from the ground wherever Nariko is standing. This super can be aimed, and the multiple cannon ball shots can score many kills.

Level 3: Nariko takes on her white goddess form, and gains extremely long reach. Any enemies touched by the Heavenly Sword are killed upon contact.