PlayStation All-Stars trademark updated

ps all stars 2

Don’t get excited just yet, though!

Remember PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? The 2012 PS3 game that was supposed to be Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s Smash Bros. series? While there’s little chance for a sequel, Sony just updated the trademark for "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale," which might cause some fans to assume a sequel is underway.

The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) states that the trademark page was generated today (August 11, 2017). Of course, give  some of these things are auto-generated to prevent anyone else from using the name, chances are, this is just Sony’s way of protecing the brand name in case, y’know, they decide to make a sequel someday.

Sorry to burst your bubble there, buddy! If you miss the game, go read up on our review, or better yet, go read our feature on it that ponders whether Sony doomed it to fail.

If ever a new PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale does get made, it’ll have to be created by a new studio as SuperBot closed down way back in 2013.

Source: Reddit