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PlayStation Classic Is Missing These Key Things

Controlling Your Experience Will Be The Key Feature of The PS5

PlayStation Classic, Sony’s new mini-console packed with PSOne games, is missing some key features. On the surface, the tiny PSOne replica looks to be the ideal stocking-filler for PlayStation fans seeking a nostalgic trip back to where it all began.

However, looking at the details from the PlayStation Classic announcement, Sony has missed a few tricks and there was definitely room for improvement, though you could argue that there wasn’t any real need to produce this mini-console at all.

No AC Adapter

In the initial PlayStation Classic bundle, which will cost you $99.99, there’s no AC adapter. At this price, it should have been bundled in with the package. Instead, Sony will be selling it separately.

On the official webpage for pre-ordering PlayStation Classic, it states: A compatible USB AC adaptor (not included) is required to use this console. Use an AC adaptor that supports 5 V, 1.0 A USB (Type A) output.

Yes, that does mean you can use a USB mobile adapter if you have one at home, but it would have been nice to include one.

PlayStation Classic

Lack of Games And Choice

The PlayStation Classic games list features 20 titles, including Final Fantasy VII, Ridge Racer Type 4 and Tekken 3. Like other mini-consoles, it’s likely that the full list will include a good chunk of games you have no interest in playing. With such a vast selection of great PS1 games, 20 also doesn’t seem enough.

And they’ll be no option to add more at a later date.

No DualShock Controller

PlayStation Classic comes with two replica PS1 controllers. Yes, that means these pads are authentic in terms of design, but Sony released a DualShock controller for PS1 which was an evolution of the original pad with two thumbsticks.

Essentially, this means they’ll probably be no games in the bundle that took advantage of DualShock, such as Gran Turismo. DualShock was also a requirement for Ape Escape, so we guess that won’t be available.

Why Not Just Release A PSOne Classics Bundle On PS4?

On the PlayStation Store, there’s a PS1 classics range which is restricted to PS Vita and PS3. Personally, we’d have preferred to see a PS1 classics bundle released on the store for PS4! Yes, it’s kinda going to be cool having a physical mini-PS1, but there was a much cheaper solution that would have allowed many more people to experience some of the console’s classic games.

The PlayStation Classic is due for release on December 3, 2018. Pre-orders are now available.

  • Sauce Boss

    For a Sony site, you’re really reaching here for downfalls. The only surprising thing is the lack of DualShock, but to shit on the games that you don’t even know are coming yet is dumb.

    • Albert Belle

      That is gaming sites in a nut shell these days. Kiss Nintendo’s ass, cuddle Microsoft, shit on Sony. Rinse and repeat

  • 20NASH09

    Perhaps Sony is trying to milk their fans for money by giving us the choice to have a DS4 controller in order to use PS1 games that used the DS1.

    I’m thinking that there might be indeed two PS1 classics: one with the original PS1 gamepad and one with the DS1.

    Copying Nintendo in some ways wasn’t the wisest move.

  • Al Buns

    These classic consoles are pointless. Who wants to play these old games that bad? I can play all of these games for free on emulators if I wanted to.

    • yea, but roms are illegal.
      you can only use roms if you have original games


    This system is a joke…. Such bullshit in all seriousness. How is there no AC power adapter included. And not one dualshock controller?!? Garbage Sony……such a price gouging/grabbing BS move Sony.

    I’m liking my X more and more than my Pro as of late…..I can honestly say that with a big smile on my face.

    • Jihaad Boonzaier

      What does your having an X-Box have to do with this?


        The fact that I play original Xbox games plus more that are enhanced for my Xbox. Instead of regurgitated trash from yesteryear that shows it with no enhancements at all.

        Red Dead Redemption is a perfect example amongst many.


        *Answers question…

        Yet I get no response. Right, so what does your comment have to do with this article….let alone your user name…??