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PlayStation Cloud Gaming – Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Gaming On PS5

PlayStation Cloud Gaming – Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Gaming On PS5In today’s modern gaming landscape, it’s all about having options.

Options not just for what games to play, but where and how to play them, to get the best, or just the most convenient experience.

Cloud gaming falls more to the convenience side of the spectrum, since (depending on your Wi-Fi connection) it might not be the best experience, but it could likely be more convenient.

So what options are available to the PlayStation gamer regarding cloud gaming? What is cloud gaming on PlayStation like?

Find out everything you need to know about cloud gaming on PlayStation and PS5 for yourself, here.

Let’s get into it.

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PlayStation Cloud Gaming – Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Gaming On PS5

Cloud Gaming – What Is It?

To start off with the basics, cloud gaming is essentially playing a game over cloud streaming. That means you can play any game, no matter what device you have in front of you, over Wi-Fi.

Your phone, your tablet, your laptop – any of these devices, no matter how poor their actual hardware would be for playing games, can let you play anything over the cloud.

‘Anything’ being any games that are available over cloud streaming.

Also, if you think this just sounds like another way to use Remote Play, then you’re partially right.

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Cloud gaming is at its core similar to remote play. The difference however, is the setup and execution.

In both cases, you’re streaming the game you’re playing to a device that could otherwise not run the game you’re playing natively, from a device that can.

However with cloud gaming, you’re streaming a game from a giant server-room full of PS5’s in a Sony office all the way to wherever you are.

Remote play works directly from your own console, and the whole thing is much more localized. You also still have to download the game onto your console for remote play to work.

Cloud gaming doesn’t need you to download anything on your end.

Cloud Gaming On PlayStation – Who Can Do It?

Unfortunately, cloud gaming isn’t available to all PlayStation players. Currently, the ability to stream games on PlayStation is only for PlayStation Plus Premium members.

Those who are subscribed to the top-tier of the PlayStation Plus subscription bracket can stream classic games from previous console generations, or the latest-greatest PS5 games.

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Now that the ability to play PS5 games over cloud streaming was added last October, there’s quite the suite of games available to choose from.

It’s truly quite something, to be able to jump right into the latest games without needing to wait for a download or anything.

Cloud Gaming On PlayStation – How Do You Do It?

Thankfully, this is the easiest part. If you are a PlayStation Plus Premium member, then playing a game through cloud streaming is only a few button presses away.

  • If you’re on your PS5 or PS4 console, then from the home page, navigate to the PlayStation Plus icon
  • From there, under the Benefits tab, you should see a giant icon which says “Cloud Streaming,” select it
  • You’ll then see an option to “View Games,” and selecting it will take you to the full library of games available for cloud streaming.
  • Simply select your preferred title, and off you go!

You can also play your PlayStation games through cloud streaming on a PC, by simply downloading the PlayStation Plus PC app, here.

Once you log into the app, you’ll be able to access the library of games available for streaming, and play the game of your choice. Just make sure you have a PS5 DualSense controller handy for PS5 games.