PlayStation Home 1.35 update makes everything faster; coming tomorrow

PlayStation Home is getting a new service update tomorrow, 1.35, which will decrease load times and allow users to access Sony’s service much faster than before. The Home World Map will be replaced with a new intuitive navigation system.

The new interface will feature multiple categories to allow for faster navigation. Everything, Sony says, will be faster – locating friends, and navigating your preferred spaces.

Here are some details about the catagories:

Favorites: Personalize your own section to make locating and going to your favorite places quick and simple.

Personal Spaces: Your clubhouses and personal spaces are now right at your fingertips. The personal spaces you own and the clubhouses you belong to will be viewable in one convenient location.

Friends: Finding your friends that are signed into PlayStation Home has never been simpler. View the current location of your friends in PlayStation Home, and then navigate there to enjoy the action together.

Explore: Browse all the spaces PlayStation Home offers. Finding spaces that suite your taste and mood is now even easier.

Recommended: Keep up with what is “hot” in PlayStation Home. This regularly updated category will feature the newest and most exciting spaces and additions to PlayStation Home.

In addition to these categories, Home 1.35 will enhance the login process. Immediately after launching Home via the XMB, users will be directed to the Home navigator to begin exploring instantly.
There are some 12 million registered Home users around the world. These users average 60 minutes per session to play an assortment of games, attend events, watch videos, listen to music, or launch into multiplayer PS3 games. But, we know why you really play Home – to collect PS memorabilia for your personal space.