PlayStation Plus August 2016 free game rumor

There’s a rumor currently going around that Yakuza 5 could be one of the free games coming to PlayStation Plus August 2016 line-up early next month.

The rumor stems from a mistake by Sony earlier this month when it accidentally put Yakuza 5 on the PlayStation Store for free. Many users downloaded the crime action-game before it was pulled from the Store. It’s now available to buy priced $40.

With the ‘mistake’ leading to a renewed interest in Sega’s PS3 open-world adventure, some believe that Sony will now offer the game for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The PlayStation Plus July 2016 line-up included Saints Row: Gat out of Hell and Furi for PS4, alongside PS3 games Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and Fat Princess. Vita owners can now download Prince of Persia: Revelation and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines.

The free games for PS Plus in August aren’t expected to be officially revealed until at least the end of July.