PlayStation Plus: Do we deserve a better deal?

Are we really getting the best PlayStation Plus deals? As much as I enjoy the variety of having relatively unknown titles in the PlayStation Plus monthly lineup, It is getting harder and harder to ignore that the service has taken on a few issues in regards to perceived ‘value’. I’m talking about AAA games, of course, especially for PS4, which have been totally absent from the PS Plus line-up since launch.

The real worry for the service as it stands right now is: what’s left for PS3 and Vita to get beyond the next few months? There are big titles that haven’t been on PS Plus for those formats, but those piles are getting ever smaller. At some point, PS Plus will have to undergo a big change. This year seems as likely as any for that change, as Vita sits abandoned and PS3 users dwindle further, but what can be done to give people a better value PS Plus subscription without it costing the players (and Sony) an arm and a leg? We have some ideas.

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The PS Plus/Now All in One Package

This is the one thing I see happening. As potential PS3 and Vita games dwindle, PS Now could feasibly step into the gap and provide itself as part of the Plus subscription alongside the standard two free PS4 titles. Kind of like Amazon Prime, but with less tax-dodging.

Pros: PS Now gains traction, less fuss over the ‘free’ games because you can pick from a large selection.

Cons: Internet speeds and connections are still a problem for many, with no alternative, so some would be getting half the gaming package for full price.

The Streamlined All-Format Quality Package

Streamline the PS Plus service to give consistent quality over quantity. One game per format with guaranteed ‘big, quality’ titles on each.

Pros: Makes Plus feel special again, like a free gift rather than a part of a service.

Cons: The perception of what is and isn’t quality comes up again (remember, people wanted Knack on Plus). Limits to how many ‘quality’ games are left on PS3 and Vita to put on PS Plus long term.

The Lower Cost, Scrap Old Console Games Package

In this version, you keep it at the standard two PS4 titles, and ditch all PS3 and Vita support. In turn, the Plus subscription price can be significantly lowered to compensate.

Pros: Laser-focused on PS4, possibly freeing up time for negotiating Plus games from bigger publishers. Cheaper.

Cons: Incensed community on old gen and Vita, no guarantee of change in PS4’s Plus games to include more AAA titles.

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The Scrap IGC, Nominal Net Fee Package

Give the vocal minority what they want, scrap the Instant Games Collection as it is and straight up ask for a few quid for online access/discounts.

Pros: Kills off the whinge about what games are on the service.

Cons: Somehow makes the whole paid online access thing more cynical. The frothing ocean of rage that will consume us all when Sony don’t allow everyone to keep their old Plus titles is something to be feared.

The Retrotastic Package

Forget current gen games, everyone buys them anyway, with this plan, you would load Plus up with big games from PlayStation history each month. You get a PS2 Classic and a free one-off PS Now rental for PS4/Vita users (in a pipe dream, you’d be able to temporarily download it to the PS4/Vita), and chop and change the rest from PS One, PS3, PSP and Vita accordingly.

Pros: Nostalgia points and better hit rate as a result

Cons: It’d be complicated to work out the right package, sub cost would have to be lowered.

The Tiered Package

Almost seems sensible this one. Take the above options, revise them a bit, and give people a tiered Plus service that caters for everybody. From those who don’t care about free games, to the people who want a bit of everything at a premium.

Pros: Something for everyone, makes it feel more of an optional thing.

Cons: People will moan about several services not giving them Croc free on PS One Classics instead of one.

The ‘Wait and See’ Package

Do nothing, keep it the same and maybe throw in Knack soon to shut up those ten people on the PS Blog who have been going on about it for a full calendar year. Also, let the monthly barrage of complaints about ‘great injustice’ and ‘criminal behaviour’ end by ditching the comments section. It’s a lost cause and not quite as entertaining to read after the twentieth straight month. That’s more or less general advice for the internet than just a PlayStation Plus issue.

Pros: Maybe those folk who’ve threatened to sell their PS4 every month for the past two years will actually do so and leave the mildly discontented to be all passive aggressive about Plus.

Cons: Vita resorts to hocking mobile games as its entire library has been on Plus, PS3 games will include greats like Dante’s Inferno and Haze. Sony go bankrupt because those ten people who threatened to sell their PS4’s in protest did it, and that sparked a nuclear war that decimated mankind in the process.

How do you think Sony should overhaul PlayStation Plus? Is there any need yet? Are you happy with the PlayStation Plus price? Let us know in the comments below.