PlayStation Plus free games rumors can have a ‘very negative effect,’ says DOGOS dev

With the line-up of PlayStation Plus September 2016 games due to be announced shortly, we can definitely scrub one game off the list as a potential candidate.

Due to its release date landing on September 6 (around the time of the PlayStation Plus update) it was rumoured that fast-paced shoot ‘em up, DOGOS, may be part of next month’s PS Plus games line-up.

However, following an article we published with our PlayStation Plus September predictions, developer OPQM has contacted PlayStation Universe to deny the rumor.

PlayStation Plus September 2016 - Dogos denied

“DOGOS is coming out on: SEP 6th for PS4. It´s totally false that the game will be available for free,” wrote OPQM content manager, Federico Andrade.

So, you’re probably wondering by now why we’re publishing this news when all we did was predict the upcoming PS Plus games? Well, Federico also went on to explain why the studio wanted to deny this rumor and why he asked that PSU update the existing article or publish a new one. He brings up a very valid point that we hadn’t previously considered.

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“This article can have a very negative effect on potential PS+ buyers as they may think that it doesn’t make sense to purchase the game if it will be available for free shortly after its release,” writes Federico. “I hope you will understand, that being an indie studio, there has been lot of effort out behind this game, and that something like this can have an impact in our economy.”

As a result of OPQM’s email to PSU, we’ll be revising the way we make our PlayStation Plus game predictions in the future, excluding games that have yet to be released due to the potential impact it could have on the game sales of smaller developers.

Check out the official website, for more about DOGOS.