PlayStation Plus price increase stings ahead of PS Plus September games

ps plus september games

The PlayStation Plus September games are due to be announced shortly, and we’re hoping that Sony will sweeten with a triple-A PS4 game, given the fact that there’s a PS Plus price increase incoming in the UK and some other countries.

Following the increase in subscriptions to Sony’s PSN service in the US last September, the company is following suit in other countries, with the following price hike in the UK starting on August 31, 2017 at 00:01 BST.

Here’s how much you’ll soon need to pay for a PlayStation Plus subscription in the UK:

  • Annual – £49.99
  • Quarterly – £19.99
  • Monthly – £6.99

Sony detailed the changes earlier this month.

playstation plus september games

There’s an easy way to avoid the initial price hike though. Simply, purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription before the date the new prices come into effect.

So, you could now buy an annual subscription for the price of £39.99 and even if your current subscription isn’t due to run out, you can simply activate it when you need to while avoiding the new higher price. Bingo!

There’s no limit to the amount of PlayStation Plus subscriptions you can stack on your account. So, if you’ve got the cash you could effectively buy multiple subscriptions from an online retailer and stack them onto your account.

The PlayStation Plus price changes in Europe and Australia on August 31.