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PlayStation Podcast: Tournament of the Overrated Part 3

Welcome to PlayStation Unchained, PSU.com's podcast. Where we discuss all things related to Sony's gaming brand, and sometimes beyond.

This week sees the third part of a PlayStation Tournament. Not one to determine the greatest game or the best character though. No, this is the Tournament of the Overrated!

This knockout contest pits 64 of the highest rated/most beloved games from PlayStation's two decade plus history against each other to determine the most overrated PlayStation title of all time.

Each knockout tie brings frank and insightful discussion regarding each game's credentials, and has already provided some truly surprising ‘winners'.

This episode covers matches 22-32 of the round of 32, and includes Persona 5, Portal 2, Fallout 3, and Dark Souls among others.

PlayStation Unchained is a long-running podcast about the world of PlayStation. It's hosted by Neil Bolt, and features PSU Streamer Ben Shillabeer-Hall, Senior Editor Tim Nunes, Reviews Writer Garri Bagdasarov, Ketchup Enthusiast Alfonso Boxill and Staff Writer Chris DeVisser.

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