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Welcome to PlayStation Unchained, PSU.com's premier podcast. Where we discuss all things related to Sony's gaming brand, and sometimes beyond. This week is very much a case of the beyond.

With Yakuza 6 reviews arriving this week, the PlayStation Unchained crew recall some recent memorable moments from Yakuza titles. Plus, there’s woe in Tera, Far Cry 5 multiplayer chat, and flabbergasted talk of Little Adventure on the Prairie, the worst-reviewed game on PlayStation Universe.

PlayStation Unchained is a long-running podcast about the world of PlayStation. It's hosted by Neil Bolt, and features PSU Streamer Ben Shillabeer-Hall, Senior Editor Tim Nunes, Reviews Writer Garri Bagdasarov, and Ketchup Enthusiast Alfonso Boxill. This week see Staff Writer Chris DeVisser make his first appearance on the show.

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