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PlayStation Stars Had Bloodborne Fans Thinking A PS5 Version Was On Its Way (It Isn’t)

PlayStation Stars is the new rewards program Sony revealed more than two years ago now, and in that time it’s only really caused a stir on approximately two occasions.

The first was right at the beginning, where immediately after it was revealed, everyone thought this was a new NFT thing from Sony. The second is still ongoing, which is of course the fact that it’s been down across multiple regions for more than a month.

Now that it is slowly being restored across the world (North America and other regions still waiting) it’s seemingly caused another stir, though this one attracted the ire of Bloodborne fans.

Posted to the Bloodborne subreddit, a screen cap from user DarahOG’s PlayStation Stars app indicates there’s a PS5 version of Bloodborne’s DLC.

It’s clearly a typo that marked Bloodborne’s Old Hunters DLC as a PS5 game, instead of a PS4 game, and while it was quite obvious to many that it must be a typo, it still gained enough traction to give fans a slimmer of hope that Bloodborne would in fact be coming to PS5, despite nothing actually indicating that to be the case.

Sony hasn’t come out and claimed it to be a typo, but it doesn’t totally need to, since as PlayStation LifeStyle points out, the Old Hunters DLC was accurately listed as a PS4 game before PlayStation Stars went down months ago.

If we ever do get Bloodborne on a platform not called PS4, there will surely be much more definitive signs along the way. Unfortunately for fans, this isn’t one of those.

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