PlayStation Store update delivers Happy Dungeons free-to-play MMO


Happy Dungeons, the free-to-play MMO from developer Toylogic Inc., is now available to download for PlayStation 4 following the latest PlayStation Store update.

For those out of the loop, Happy Dungeons takes the form of an action-RPG featuring action-packed combat and an emphasis on cooperative play. 

Gamers can team up online or grab a few extra pads to take part in four-player split-screen action, and customise their character with over 1500 unique items. 

Players will find themselves engaged in a charming, family-friendly storyline and battling against hordes of enemies, including hulking boss creatures. To give you the edge, you’ll wield powerful skills and items, while Rage gives you huge amounts of power at your disposal for unleashing unprecedented amounts of damage.

In addition, Happy Dungeons will receive new content on a regular basis, with extra quests and events ensuring you’ll be hooked on the action for months to come. Special Campaigns will also be added, keeping the action fresh and presenting new challenges for players.