PlayStation Unchained – Halloween Special: Resident Evil, Silent Hill and more!

Welcome to a special Halloween edition of PlayStation Unchained, PSU.com’s one and only podcast for your listening pleasure. In a deviation of our usual schedule, host Dane Smith and fellow co-host Mike Harradence deliver an hour’s worth of spooky gaming discussion, where we extol some of the medium’s most prolific horror titles, including Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Clock Tower and much more.

This time of year is always a fine opportunity to dust off those classic scare-’em-ups that have been spooking up your shelves for the past couple of years. After all, as a gamer, can you imagine a better way to spend Halloween than a being chased by Nemesis or having your throat ripped out by a Hunter? Or perhaps you’d prefer a date in the perpetually foggy town of Silent Hill, with the lumbering Pyramid Head for company?

Whatever your poison, PlayStation Unchained’s Halloween special is sure to cater to your taste for horror gaming. So, sit back, turn the lights out, and sink your fangs into our latest episode below.