PlayStation Universe 2015 Awards – Best Multiplayer Game

There’s simply no stopping Psyonix’s vehicle and soccer mash-up, Rocket League, which has already scooped our Indie Game of the Year award. If you’re looking for a fiercely competitive multiplayer arena where the action is fast, furious and compelling, Rocket League has you covered and deservedly picks up our Best Multiplayer/Competitive Award for 2015.

best multiplayer ps4 game

Winner – Rocket League

Whether it’s tactical one versus one bouts, or hectic three versus three skirmishes, Rocket League provides one of the most addictive multiplayer game experiences of the year. Not only does it nail the driving mechanics and ball physics, but also drops in speed boosts that elevate the fun factor by allowing vehicles to fly through the air at breakneck speeds to reach the ball first, or smash other cars into smithereens.



The idea may be simple – control rocket-propelled cars to chase a ball and attempt to score a goal past your opponent – but its execution is stunning and its pick-up-and-play appeal unrivalled. The fact that you can jump almost immediately into short five minute matches against online opponents ensures that you’ll keep coming back for more, and once you’ve scored your first goal after flying through the air and nodding the ball into the net, you’ll be hooked.

Runner-up – Destiny: The Taken King

Bungie’s massive, persistent online game world is staggering, offering fans of first-person shooters a rewarding set of challenges and a compelling multiplayer playlist set across a sci-fi, fantasy universe. Whether you’re teaming up with Guardians for a Strike or a Raid, or heading to the Crucible for a frenetic skirmish, the Destiny community is as competitive as they come, and online battles with a variety of technologically-advanced weaponry are a joy to behold.