PlayStation VR Aim Controller release date confirmed for Farpoint launch

playstation vr aim controller release date

PlayStation VR Aim Controller release date confirmed

Ever since the release of PSVR for the PS4, gamers were pretty much confined to either the Dualshock 4 or the Move controller for most games, including shooters. But that’s about to change thanks to the introduction of the PlayStation VR Aim controller.

As PSVR continues to be on high demand in the virtual-reality realm of console gaming, a new accessory is on its way that aims to heighten the immersion in shooting games. The Aim controller for PSVR has a smart tracking solution towards the barrel end of the gun and has analog sticks on both handles. The very first game to fully implement the Aim controller is Impulse Gear’s sci-fi shooter ‘Farpoint’. Gamers can expect to see more future titles making use of the controller while developers look for options to implement its functionality to existing games.

The PlayStation VR Aim Controller release date has been confirmed as May16 2017, and launches alongside Farpoint. In other news, PSVR has sold around 915,000 units despite still being in short supply.

Source: uploadvr