PlayStation VR release date listed as April by creator of virtual reality app for PS4

If anyone outside of Sony knows the release date for PlayStation VR, you can bet it’s probably going to be someone who actually works closely with Sony in the field of virtual reality.

Well, how about this?  Vrse, a production company that works with some of the world’s leading creators of virtual reality experiences, has a release window listed for PlayStation VR on its company website.

playstation vr release date

Check out the PlayStation VR release date, among the other platforms

According to the details on the site, Vrse brings story-driven VR experiences to computers, smart phones and VR headsets, and according to this specific page the company claims it is bringing a Vrse app to PlayStation 4. It seems likely then that Vrse has been working very closely with Sony.

What’s the date you ask? Well, Vrse currently lists PlayStation VR as launching in April 2016, which ties in with some of the current rumours going around (though there are many!)

What makes this particular listing less reliable is that Vrse only lists Oculus Rift as ‘coming soon’ when we definintely know the official release date for the headset is March 28, 2016.

Of course, treat this with a huge pinch of salt until Sony reveals the official release date of its virtual reality headset, which may or not be priced at $299. Who knows?

Credit: Play Magazine