PlayStation VR Worlds introduces hidden features that change the game

When PlayStation VR launches, PlayStation VR Worlds, London Studio’s set of five engaging PSVR experiences, are set to stretch our imaginations to the limits. And now we hear that those experiences have a host of hidden features that the studio says will “keep us coming back for more.”

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First up, let’s take a look at the new information on London Heist, one of the five PSVR games in the collection.

PlayStation VR Worlds collection gets enhanced

The London Heist
The main game mode in this gangland thriller sees you using your Move controller as a gun, shooting at enemies on the London streets. However, London Studio also wants to make the game more accessible for non-shooter players, and more of an interactive experience. Therefore the developer has added a new mode that will add lazer sights to the guns to help with aiming.

There’s also four shooting ranges to practise in before you play the main game, which will see targeting shop dummies, car tyres and wooden shapes. Each shooting range will have its own online leaderboard so you can compete against the PlayStation community.

Watch the PlayStation VR Worlds trailer to see all the games in action.


Futuristic sport, Dangerball, will also include online leaderboards as well as an endurance mode called ‘Score Attack’ in which players will need to try to keep up their combos for as long as possible. Additional modes include Tournament and Quick Play against AI opposition. Both modes will include special moves, such as ball splitting, swerve balls and power shots.

VR Luge
VR Luge will now include time trials with online leaderboards for each individual course. During time trials you can activate the ghosts of other players to see how you compare. VR Luge Tour is reserved for the best players, tasking you with playing four tracks in a row against a specific target time. Beat it and you’ll on the Champion’s leaderboard.

Ocean Descent
Ocean Descent will feature three different experiences lasting different lengths of time and catering from beginner players to veterans. In the depths of the ocean they’ll be wildlife to discover and there’s a storyline that runs alongside the more intense of three game modes.

Scavengers Odyssey
PlayStation VR Worlds’ space-based adventure Scavengers Odyssey will include collectables in the form of Blackbox recordings as you smash asteroids and blast alien critters in your spider-like craft.

PlayStation VR Worlds will feature full PlayStation trophy support as well as a challenge system in which players will have to complete objectives if they ever hope to gain the elusive Platinum.

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