PlayTV DVR service priced and dated for UK?, a popular online retailer in the UK, has recently posted a price and date for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 3 digital video recorder (DVR) add-on, PlayTV.

PlayTV is essentially a box that connects Freeview to your PlayStation 3, allowing live TV to stream and display through your console and giving you the option to record your favorite shows to your PS3 hard drive. Once on your PS3, you’ll be able to use your PSP to transfer files or use "Remote Play" to watch shows away from home.

The unit will feature tuners for high definition support, which utilizes the European Digital Video Broadcasting system. Also the box will include a seven day scheduling system so that you can set to record your favorite shows ahead of time.

According to, PlayTV is priced at £99.99 ($199 USD), and is set to release March 28th, 2008. As of now, there is no word on when this system will come stateside, so stay tuned for more information.