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Poop Slinger PS4 Is An Obscure Yet Ultra-Rare Game

If you want to talk rare and obscure games, then look no further than Poop Slinger PS4. Developed by Diggity.net, the game is, unsurprisingly, a ‘casual poop launcher’ that sees you loading up your slinger with, well, shit, and hurling it folk. It’s an interesting effort in the sense it is actually the rarest PS4 game to see a physical release; only 84 copies are reportedly out there, so if you come across, think yourself extremely lucky.

Poop Slinger PS4 Does What It Says On The Tin

Here’s some cold hard facts about Poop Slinger PS4.

The game features 12 different poop slingers, which can be modded with special attachments. For some reason, there’s also 3 zombie maps among the 9 available, plus four game modes and a ‘casual progression system.’ Oh, and there’s also leaderboards if you fancy fighting for the crown of best poop slinger online.

“Poop Slinger is a casual poop launcher game where poop and slingshots combine for one heck of a smelly experience,” says the box art.

If for some reason you feel compelled to buy the game, you can still pick it up on the PlayStation Store. It’s currently going for £3.99 in the UK. However, due to the fact physical copies of the game are so rare, Poop Slinger can be found on eBay for an exorbitant sum; at one point, it was fetching over $11,000 on the website.

There’s an interesting story behind the game, too. It was published by Limited Rare Games (not to be confused with the popular Limited Run Games), which was owned by an individual based in Russia. He actually took out a bank loan to fund distribution of the project, and the whole affair reportedly bankrupted the company after just one day on sale.

Naturally, folk were convinced the whole thing was a load of bollocks, but Diggidy confirmed in a statement on its forums that Poop Slinger was indeed the real deal. In the end, only 84 copies of the game were sold.

So there you have it. Poop Slinger is the rarest retail game on PS4, and it’s still out there, somewhere, waiting for someone to pick it up for an absurd amount of cash in the second hand market.

Source: VG247