Portal 2 to get new trailer at VGAs

Geoff Keighley’s confirmed that Valve’s Portal 2 will be popping up at the VGAs this weekend in trailer form.

Writing on Twitter, Keighley commented, “BTW, special treat for Valve / Portal fans at the VGAs this Sat – exclusive new Portal 2 clip will premiere!”

Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with all the hullabaloo, the VGAs take place this Saturday and will feature fresh footage of Resistance 3, plus world premieres of Batman: Arkham City, BioWare’s new title, and more.

If that wasn’t enough to float your boat, Sony will also be hosting a special event the following day, where the hardware manufacturer plans to lift the lid on a new PS3-exclusive, which Internet chatter points to being none other than Uncharted 3.

As for Portal 2, the sequel will be hitting PS3, PC and 360 in April 2011.