Portal 2 vs. Heavy Rain – The Ultimate PS3 Showdown, Round 2

The Ultimate PS3 Showdown is back, and Round 2 has officially begun! We’ve narrowed our field of the best PS3 games ever from 32 to 16, and the competition is heating up fast. How do you choose between "amazing" and "amazing"? We don’t know, and that’s why we’re turning to you. Cast your vote in this match-up to decide the Best PS3 Game Ever!


The Contenders:

Portal 2

The award-winning Portal series redefined the puzzle genre with its unique and humorous storyline, clever level design and high-tech portal popping device. In Portal 2, Valve expanded the universe and built on the foundations of its predecessor to deliver a game that offset its brain-aching challenges with lots of humour and personality, especially from new character Wheatley, voiced by the brilliant Stephen Merchant. The addition of a co-op campaign added replay value with even more perplexing puzzles to solve and Portal 2 effortlessly made its way to the number one spot in many top ten lists of the best games of 2011. Oh, did we mention Steamworks integration? Every owner of the PS3 version of Portal 2 also owns a PC copy, and they’re cross-compatible.

Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream’s psychological thriller was a totally unique concept for PlayStation 3 owners and featured game controls that brought player interactivity to a whole new level. Filled with drama, mystery, and suspense, the dark, rain-soaked atmosphere and mature storyline was as engaging as the search for clues and the perfectly-paced QTE fight sequences. Incredible graphics and sound have scarcely been used better to heighten an already tense atmosphere. Put simply, Heavy Rain made you feel like you were the star of your own movie, and became an instant classic on PS3 thanks to its unique blend of storytelling and interaction.

Which of these two games deserves to move ever closer to the crown? Cast your votes in the official polling thread, and be sure to vote in all our match-ups to decide the Best PS3 Game Ever!