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Possible PS5 Price Options Hinted At In Marketing Survey

Sony Interactive Entertainment has keeping tight-lipped on the PS5 price point at the moment, but a recent marketing survey doing the rounds has potentially let slip how much the next-generation console will drain our wallets.

PS5 Price Hinted At In New Survey?

The news comes from a reddit user who frequently takes surveys for the extra cash, revealing it asks about two “randomly generated” price points for the PS5 — £349 for the standard model with the disc drive, and £259 for the Digital-Only Edition.

Note that while this is extremely cheap, the final product would usually end costing 20% more, so that would be about $522/$387 for both models.

This is all just speculation based on the survey, though, so we’ll have to wait until Sony finally announces the PS5 price to be sure. Note that a previous leak on Amazon France suggested a more realistic price of €499/€399 for the standard and digital versions, respectively.

In addition, a former Microsoft executive suggested that there’s ‘no way‘ that Sony would charge more than $499 for the new console.

PS5 is scheduled for release in holiday 2020.

Source: Forbes