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Post-Apocalyptic Horror Title The Day Before Could Come To PS5

The Day Before, the upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie horror title from Fntastic and MyTona, could end up hitting the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Speaking during an interview with Gaming Bolt, Ed and Aisen Gotovstev, the co-founders of Fnastic, touched base on a possible console version of The Day Before, and it sounds like something is in the pipeline.

“We will not be able to port the game to your NES, but we are considering the next-gen consoles,” the pair replied. “Wait for a special announcement.”

The Day Before is still currently in production for PC, and takes place in the aftermath of deadly pandemic in modern America, where flesh-hungry infected roam the streets and the remaining human survivors battle over essential supplies. Players must scavenge for supplies in abandoned houses, skyscrapers and more, while fending off blood-thirsty infected and other players.

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[Source – Gaming Bolt]