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Predecessor (PS5) Preview – Paragon Revival Sets To Redefine MOBAs For PlayStation 5

Predecessor PS5 Hands-On Preview – In 2018 Epic Games of Fortnite fame had to make the difficult decision to close Paragon, an ambitious console Massive Online Battle Arena inspired by League of Legends to cultivate epic third-person, fast-paced action, engaging moba experiences.

With the rising popularity of Fortnite, Epic not only shut down Paragon, they also gave away assets for the game. Robbie Singh, CEO of Omeda Studios stepped up to helm the studio’s most ambitious project yet; to revitalize the potential of Paragon and redefine the MOBA genre for gamers worldwide.

Embark on exhilarating matches through stunning visuals and vibrant landscapes as Omega Studios introduces the multiplayer beta of Predecessor on PlayStation 5. Here’s a sneak peek at what awaits players in this epic multiplayer title.

Predecessor Hands-On Preview (PS5) – Paragon Revival Sets To Redefine MOBAs On PlayStation 5

Visual Splendour And Masterful Game Design

Predecessor invites players into a world of breathtaking visuals and meticulously designed arenas. The vibrant landscapes are a testament to the team’s dedication to creating an immersive experience, offering a visual spectacle that captivates players from the moment they step onto the battlefield.

If you’re a MOBA enthusiast, Predecessor will feel like home. Drawing inspiration from the iconic League of Legends, this game seamlessly incorporates the essence of classic MOBA gameplay, providing a comfortable yet exciting environment for veterans and newcomers alike.

You jump right into a game, and the influence of League of Legends and other MOBA favorites is apparent. Select items through the item shop and jump out into the battlefield before you. Launching you from the launchpad is exhilarating as you plummet onto the field, ready to strike.

There are three lanes to navigate through, each lane having its separate paths laid out for each Hero and their class specialties. Dive into a roster of heroes, each with their own set of distinctive skills and abilities. The combat is not just intense; it’s a dance of strategy and adaptation. Every hero’s skills are tailored to their persona, creating a dynamic gameplay experience that keeps you on your toes.

As you venture out into the field, getting kills on minions as well as other Heroes will grant you more XP to level up your abilities, yearning for victory in your favor. You’ll unlock offensive, defensive, and special abilities to increase the power of your Hero. As you level up and progress from one battle to another, you will truly feel a sense of exhilaration as you yearn to conquer the next hero that stands in your way.

During my playtime, I’ve had exhilarating moments where I have come face-to-face with other Heroes. Using my character Sparrow, I utilized her long-ranged attacks to gain the upper hand, maintaining my defense while dealing massive damage. The decisions and tactics you form and make truly give you a sense of accomplishment and triumph once you execute them.

With fantastic DualSense Support, players can experience the game like never before. The adaptive triggers and vibrations respond uniquely to every action and skill, bringing a heightened sense of immersion to the gameplay. Whether it’s navigating with the weight of Steel, running through the grassy areas with sparrows, or feeling the impact of an array of attacks Heroes manifest, you’ll feel the senses of each action through the control, expressing deeper immersion.

Connection Through Unity & Development

Predecessor bridges the gap between platforms with seamless cross-platform play. Connect with friends effortlessly using friend codes and console invites, making teaming up for epic battles a breeze. The team’s commitment to cross-platform play reflects their dedication to a united gaming community. The studio intends to create a seamless experience for all players, across multiple platforms so that no matter what system you’re playing on, you always have a friend to play with.

Omega Studios’ journey from acquiring Paragon’s assets to building Predecessor is a tale of passion and dedication. With $2.2 million raised from a 20-person team and an additional $20 million from a League of Legends veteran, the game is a labor of love crafted by industry experts. Robbie who originally started as a content creator opened Omega Studios to create video gaming experiences for core fans and enthusiasts alike, bringing gamers together through developer-passionate projects.

When Robbie and the team saw the potential, they knew they had to step up and take on the task of redefining what a MOBA game is in 2024 and beyond. The team is putting their heads together to brainstorm and form ways to expand and innovate the genre, setting themselves apart for success in the process.

Another extremely vital point of importance for the team is listening and implementing player feedback. From UI engagement to controls the team is actively listening to the feedback of players. By listening to the feedback given to them, the team wants to convey the message that they truly care about the experience they are setting out to create for all to enjoy, and validating player feedback will make the player feel truly heard and valued.

With a keen ear for the player community, Omeda Studios plans to support Predecessor with regular updates, seasonal events, new heroes, and more. Your feedback matters as they strive to shape the future of the game.

Gameplay Is Always King

Predecessor aims to make the MOBA experience accessible without sacrificing depth. Newcomers to the genre will find a welcoming environment, while veterans will feel right at home with the intricate mechanics and gameplay. The gameplay is a perfect blend of fast-paced action and strategic depth. Skill usage is not just about timing; it’s about understanding your hero, and your opponent, and adapting to the ever-evolving battlefield.

Say goodbye to tedious grinds. Henrique, one of the developers is committed to making Achievements and Trophies enjoyable, ensuring players don’t feel forced to play certain aspects of the game they would rather not engage in, tedious tasks such as getting a certain amount of kills with a specific class, or performing specific actions.

The developers acknowledge the fact that players would like to earn their achievements in their way. Expect creative challenges that add to the fun without compromising the essence of the game. Expect challenges that are creative and humorous, or even hidden easter eggs you can discover while you’re engaged in the game’s epic flow of combat and Hero mastery.

The development team is not just creating a game; they are defining and redefining the MOBA genre. Passionate about creativity, the team is looking for ways to encapsulate what makes MOBAs great, while forming innovative ways to enhance the experience.

Expect quirky Achievements, hidden Easter eggs, new Heroes with new abilities, and a commitment to engaging players in ways to keep them committed to the game in the long run, especially with the emphasis on Cross Platform Engagement. As Robbie expressed his commitment to cross-play, he put it best as he said,

“We’ve sent people to the Moon, and yet other developers can’t figure out cross platform multiplayer?!”

Predecessor on PlayStation 5 is not just a MOBA; it’s a testament to the dedication of Omeda Studios to delivering an unforgettable gaming experience. Prepare for a revolution in the world of MOBAs as Predecessor looks to redefine the genre with innovation, accessibility, fun, and unbridled passion.

As a casual League of Legends player myself, I found myself truly enjoying the experience found in Predecessor. The third-person action makes for a well-paced, faster MOBA that will have you so hooked you won’t even realize how many games have gone by. I am looking forward to how Robbie and his team at Omeda Studios grow with this exciting project.

Predecessor is currently in beta for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 systems, as the PC version is in early access. All versions of this fantastic MOBA are expected to lanch sometime in the near future. If you’re a fan of MOBAs and are looking for fast-paced, epic, and intense fights, Predecessor is the game for you.

Beta code kindly provided by the developer.