Project Field announced by Sony and will bring card games to life

It’s safe to say that whether card games are played with physical cards like Magic The Gathering or digital cards such as Hearthstone, they will always have a niche in the market. Sony has been largely absent from the scene but today it announced Project Field.

Project Field combines physical cards with digital cards. The easiest way to describe this would be to imagine both the Pokemon TCG and Pokemon TCG Online combined into one love child. Players will put their physical cards down on one of the Project Field pads and a tablet in between the two players would do all the calculations and play animations.

Project Field is an attempt by Sony to get a broader share of the mobile market and Sony has already stated that it has “multiple” projects planned for the card game platform. The first will be based on Yo-Kai Watch, Level-5’s Pokemon-like hit series.

Physical items with NFC chips interacting with the digital world aren’t a new idea. Toys-to-life series like Skylanders or Nintendo amiibo have been hugely popular, however Project Field’s big difference is portability. Players can take the pad and play the game anywhere they can bring a tablet.

At this time, Project Field is only announced to release in Japan, but based on the popularity of the toys-to-life category in the West, a worldwide release is a safe bet.