Project Phoenix officially coming to PS4, PS Vita

Indie project entitled Project Phoenix has reached its funding goal in spades and announced officially that the project is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita consoles.

With over twelve thousand pledgers financially backing the project, Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc. now has the funding to create Project Phoenix, and the initial goal of $100k has been all but shattered with total funding support, at publication the morning of September 5, tops $730k, and the project has another six days where generous supporters can donate to the company’s cause.

As we previously reported, the development team behind Project Phoenix consists of a highly decorated group including members with experience in Final Fantasy, Halo 4, Crysis 3, LA Noire, and Diablo III. Specifically, some of the major players involved are Kiyoshi Arai, who previously worked on Final Fantasy XII and XIV, and acclaimed composer Nobuo Uematsu.

Japanese-style gamers will be happy to know that both English and Japanese dialogue will be included in the final product, which will allow gamers the choice to play with dialogue in either language instead of only one. 

A release date, or even a release window, hasn’t been announced yet, but we at PSU will have that announcement once CIA, Inc. releases the information. Does such an experience, diversified staff get you excited for this new JRPG?