PS Plus non-subscriber enjoying PS4 multiplayer – does it work for you?

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To play most PlayStation games online, you need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription (aside from MMOs and free-to-play titles), but for some reason we’ve been able to play WipEout Omega Collection without one.

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Our IT guy, Aaron, hasn’t had a PS Plus subscription for seven months, and it hasn’t automatically been renewed as you can see from the lack of the PS Plus sign on the top right of his gamertag, which denotes whether you have an active subscription.

ps plus july

Yet, here he is playing the WipEout Omega Collection multiplayer, which even says on the box that you need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to play. It reads "Play Online with PlayStation Plus".

Aaron is the UK, so we’re not sure whether this only works there, or whether non-PS Plus subscribers in other countries can expect the same. It could also just be a glitch on his account, but if you’ve got WipEout Omega Collection and don’t have a PS Plus subscription it’s worth trying out!

Here’s Aarron playing a 5-way online eliminator without a Plus sub.

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We’ve contacted Sony to get clarification on whether WipEout Omega Collection is deliberately supposed to have free multiplayer or not.