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PS Plus Premium PSOne Game Jumping Flash Receives Full Trophy Support

Jumping Flash is the latest PS Plus Premium PSOne game to be retroactively updated with full Trophy support, with the 90s platformer receiving a total of 15 Trophies to unlock — and yes, there’s a Platinum up for grabs!

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Check out the full list of Jumping Flash Trophies below.

Perfect Rabitteer (Platinum)

Unlock all trophies in Jumping Flash!.

Aloha, Aloha (Silver)

Acquire all Jetpods and defeat Baron Aloha. No cheating!

No Balloon Was Safe (Gold)

Find and complete all bonus stages.

Millionaire Hare (Gold)

Earn a seven-digit score.

Bounce on the Baron (Silver)

Defeat Baron Aloha without firing any special weapons.

Bonanza bonus (Silver)

Find a bonus stage.

Airtime (Gold)

Bounce on enemies at least five times before touching the ground.

I’ll Face Myself (Silver)

Bounce on Dark Robbit’s bunny companions 15 times.

Safety’s Always On (Gold)

Complete a stage without firing ANY projectiles.

Can’t Hop, Won’t Hop (Gold)

Defeat a boss without jumping once.

Don’t Rust! (Gold)

Take a breather at a hot spring in World 1.

Doom Rooms (Gold)

Find the three hidden passages in World 2.

Falling with Style (Gold)

Be in the air for 6 seconds or more.

Stomping Flash (Gold)

Defeat a boss without firing ANY projectiles.

More Cat, Than Rabbit (Gold)

Have 9 lives.

[Source – Exophase]