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PS Plus Premium PSOne Games Twisted Metal 1 & 2 Come With Full Trophy Support

Twisted Metal 1 and Twisted Metal 2 will be released this week as part of the latest PS Plus Premium lineup, and there’s good news for those of you who fancy earning yourself a shiny new Platinum: both games will have full Trophy support!

The first entry in the popular vehicular combat series will come equipped with 31 Trophies to bag for your collection, while its sequel features 30 Trophies to unlock. You can read the full list of Twisted Metal Trophies below for an idea of what to expect.

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Twisted Champion (Platinum)

Unlock all trophies in Twisted Metal.

The Beginning of the End (Bronze)

Complete level 1, Arena Duel.

Not Here to Deliver (Bronze)

Complete level 2, Warehouse District Warfare.

Highway to Carnage (Silver)

Complete level 3, Freeway Free for All.

Water Is for People, Not Cars (Silver)

Complete level 4, River Park Rumble.

Watch Out for Pedestrians (Silver)

Complete level 5, Assault on Cyburbia.

Watch the Edge Now (Gold)

Complete level 6, Rooftop Combat.

Tank You for the Memories (Gold)

Complete the final round and defeat Minion.

Candy Bag (Silver)

Collect your winning prize as Sweet Tooth.

Unfortunate News (Silver)

Collect your winning prize as Yellow Jacket.

The Demon’s Keeper (Silver)

Collect your winning prize as Darkside.

Space Sheriff (Silver)

Collect your winning prize as Outlaw.

South Central Hero (Silver)

Collect your winning prize as Thumper.

Special Agent (Silver)

Collect your winning prize as Crimson Fury.

Sneaky Snake (Silver)

Collect your winning prize as Pit Viper.

To Protect and Serve (Silver)

Collect your winning prize as Warthog.

The Bell Tolls for Calypso (Silver)

Collect your winning prize as Mr. Grimm.

How Does a Ghost Drive? (Silver)

Collect your winning prize as Spectre.

New Tire Discount (Silver)

Collect your winning prize as Hammerhead.

Captain’s Lament (Silver)

Collect your winning prize as Road Kill.

Freefalling (Silver)

Cause either yourself or your opponent to fall off the rooftop in the Rooftop Combat level.

Pump ’em Full of Lead (Silver)

Defeat an opponent with the machine gun.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Ram Them (Silver)

Defeat an opponent with collision damage.

I Have a Special Power (Silver)

Defeat an opponent with a special weapon.

Resourceful Driver (Gold)

Collect 5 weapons in any level.

Can’t Hide from Me (Silver)

Destroy all Calypso crates in the Arena Duel level.

You Shouldn’t Have Parked There (Silver)

Eliminate a car in the Warehouse District Warfare level.

You Thought a Barrier Would Stop Me? (Silver)

Blast through a road work site on the Freeway Free for All level.

Strategic Break (Silver)

Drive through an alley in the River Park Rumble level.

Can I Ban the Van? (Silver)

Eliminate a van in the Assault on Cyburbia level.

Pyramid Secret (Silver)

Destroy the pyramid on the Rooftop Combat level.

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