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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Set For PS5 & PS4 Launch On June 11, According To PS Store Listing

According to a PlayStation Store listing, PS2 classic Star Wars: The Clone Wars is set to launch for PS5 & PS4 on June 11, 2024, making it the first PS2-emulated game to arrive on modern Sony consoles since 2019.

The Clone Wars looks set to feature a bunch of extra features and quality-of-life improvements not uncommon in recent retro titles made available for PS Plus subscribers, including up-rendering, rewind, quick save and custom video filters.

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As per the official blurb on the PS Store, Star Wars: The Clone Wars picks up where Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones ends, with players taking part in epic battles across the galaxy spread over 16 single-player missions across six expansion worlds. You’ll get to grips with five unique craft — including a Republic Gunship, Speeder Bike, and Fighter Tank — and fight off over 30 different combat units.

Star Wars: The Clone War is set to launch on June 11 for PS5 & PS4. The original version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was released in October 2002 for the PS2, GameCube, and Xbox, and was developed by Pandemic Studios.

[Source – Gematsu]