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PS Store Is Now Able To Recognise Multiple Licenses

The PlayStation Now now appears to be able to recognise multiple different licenses, which is good news for PS4 owners as it means you’re able to have multiple purchase options (i.e. PS Now, PS Plus) without issue.

Multiple Licenses Now Recognised On PS Store

What this means is that you’re essentially about to have three difference purchases via the store: A regular one, another via PS Plus, as well as a PS Now license, and the console is able to identify each one without having a meltdown.

Depending on the product, you should be able to see the option to Start/Download, Add to Cart to purchase it, and Included With PS Now, if applicable.

This has been a major issue for a number of years now, and fans have been clamouring for Sony to sort it out, so it’s good to see it’s finally happened.

[Source – Reddit]