PS Vita stock shortages in North America, Sony struggles to keep up with high demand

If you’re on the hunt for a PlayStation Vita system and to your surprise have had no luck snatching one up, then don’t fret, Sony is not pulling its beloved handheld from store shelves, but rather is stressing to replenish stock because of increasingly high demand.

This is likely a consumer response to the recent launch of the slim edition, most notably the Borderlands 2 PS Vita bundle that is widely unavailable across retail and online outlets including GameStop and Amazon.

An official response came from a Sony representative who spoke with Polygon on the matter, confirming that the gaming giant is "seeing healthy consumer demand for the PS Vita globally, particularly in markets like Japan. The U.S. launch of the slimmer and lighter PS Vita has generated strong interest among gamers, and we’re working to replenish supply here to ensure continued momentum leading into the holidays."

Things are looking brighter for Sony’s portable console, which merely shadows the sales performance of its main competitor: Nintendo and its highly successful 3DS system. With the Vita possibly moving more units, hopefully Sony will support the hungry handheld with more high-profile games.

Does this news have legs or are we witnessing a short-term sales burst? Do you think this will push Sony to support the handheld more seriously? Let us know in the comments section below.