PS2 will outlast any other console, says Sega

Simon Jeffrey, President at SEGA of America, has stated that he believes Sony’s PlayStation 2 will have a longer life span than any other system released to date, and pledged that the company would continue to support the machine for the foreseeable future.

Indeed, Jeffrey believes that the console will continue to sell substantially for the next “two to three years at least”, he told MCV.

“This generation of hardware will have longer legs than any previous generation, and that’s definitely healthy for the industry,” he said. “We expect Sony to price manage the PS2’s shelf life for another two or three years at least. PS2 high profile titles, especially ‘wide market’ and licensed titles, will absolutely be part of the Sega portfolio going forwards.”

SEGA currently has a number of PS2 games in the works, including multiplatform titles Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, The Golden Compas and the long-awaited western release of Yakuza 2, which is exclusive to Sony’s console.