PS3 is "fantastic," says MotorStorm dev

Paul Hollywood, Creative Lead for the upcoming MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, recently described his experience in working with the PlayStation 3, labelling Sony’s latest home console as “fantastic.”

Hollywood noted how impressed he has been with the console after the team at Evolution Studios managed to circumvent the machine’s notoriously “tricky” architecture.

“PS3 is just fantastic. It’s tricky to develop on, but that’s just a learning curve,” he said. “You work that out and you cut corners and squeeze more and more out of it with each game you do.”

“I remember one minute in time when I just sat there and thought, ‘I can’t believe what this console is doing.’ I’ve been making videogames for 18 years now and I’m quite jaded, but I was like, ‘bloody hell, have you seen this?’ And it’s just getting more and more like that.”

Although Hollywood conceded that things would inevitably plateau at some point, he remained highly optimistic at the console’s potential for the foreseeable future.

“I’m sure it will come to point where it plateaus and [the jump between] our games will become smaller, but at the minute, because it’s a whole different architecture and you have the SPUs running in parallel, it’s a different way of development and we’re just cultivating different ways to use the SPUs, different ways of feeding them different technologies and getting different results out of it,” he added.

“It’s not necessarily trial and error but you try something for a week, which then gives you another idea and you try something else, so we’re still on that curve at the moment, going up and the future looks really good.”