PS3 market has ‘diminished almost to nothing’ in U.S., says Star Ocean 5 dev

The producer on Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithelessness has explained why Square Enix has decided not to bring the PlayStation 3 version of the JRPG to North America.

The hotly anticipated title will be hitting both PS3 and PS4 in its native Japan, but will only arrive on Sony’s current-generation console in the U.S. And according to Shuichi Kobayashi, it’s all down to the fact PS3 has pretty much died out in the states.

Kobayashi told Destructoid (via GamingBolt): “It’s simple. The PS3 still has a fairly large market in Japan, but in the West, particularly the United States, people have just moved on to PS4. The PS3 market has almost diminished to nothing."

Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness is scheduled for release in Japan in Q4 2015, with a U.S. and European launch due next year.

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