PS3 mouse and keyboard controller announced

According to Gameranx, Sony has announced plans to release a mouse and keyboard set of gaming controllers for the PlayStation 3.

The “Tactical Assault Commander 3” will consist of an optical right-handed mouse and left-handed keypad with WASD-style keys, complete with an easy-access D-Pad and comfy looking palm rest for prolonged use.

The peripheral, which is licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), will be manufactured by HORI and is slated for a $127 price tag.

Sony has not yet announced what games it plans to support. However, with the growing popularity of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) titles on the PS3 including DC Universe Online and the upcoming Dust 514 – as well as the ability to play FPS and Role-Playing titles with PC-style precision – this is something that many gamers will be looking forward to. 

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