PS3 ‘not a games machine’ says Kutaragi

Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi has revealed the true purpose of PlayStation 3, further explaining the functionality of the console and its place in home entertainment.

Speaking to Impress PC Watch, the SCE boss boldly stated that PS3 "is not a game machine", going on to proclaim that Sony has "never once called it a game machine".

According to Kutaragi, the machine is to be an "entertainment supercomputer" that, unlike other computers, which are invariably built primarily for other purposes, is designed to deliver the best all-round entertainment experience yet seen.

"PCs that are currently available have been created as work tools," Kutaragi explains. "They've begun selling computers with media playback capabilities, such as the Media Center PC, but those just imitate the functions of home electronics. It's not like those machines have been created solely for entertainment.

"On the other hand, PS3 has been created as a computer for entertainment. Entertainment refers to a lot of things, and not just to games. PS3 will be able to provide powerful functions for all forms of entertainment."

Kutaragi also explains that PS3 is the product SCE has been building up to over the years with the release of its previous machines.

"We haven't been creating our PlayStations for the sake of games," he explains. "Our belief, and the motivation behind running our company, has been to [apply] the power of computers to entertainment and enjoyment.

"We equipped the original PlayStation with a 3D graphics chip, and we equipped PS2 with the Emotion Engine. PS3 isn't designed to lean towards games. It's not a computer for children. In the sense that our goal has been [to design] a computer that's meant for entertainment, you could say that the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 had existed as steps towards PlayStation 3.

"PS3 is the product we have been aiming for since the establishment of SCEI."