PS3 sales spike on Amazon UK after Gamer’s Day

Apparently Sony’s Gamer’s Day had a strong effect on consumer interest in PlayStation 3. After the wave of media and impressions about titles like Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Heavenly Sword , rejoiced Brits rushed off to Amazon UK to purchase their very own PlayStation 3.

The site listed the PlayStation 3 as the most sought after item right after Gamer’s Day. At that time, Nintendo’s "black" DS Lite took the #5 spot, Xbox 360’s premium system took the #6 spot, and Nintendo’s Wii ran up the pack at #8.

Now, two days later, PlayStation 3 is still enjoying boosted sales at the #4 spot. The next step is for Sony to release some of these heavy hitters to seriously raise some interest in their high-end console.