PS3 Super Meat Boy "not at all possible," says dev

Team Meat has reiterated once and for all that the studio will never cobble together a PlayStation 3 version of the critically acclaimed Super Meat Boy.

The company revealed that the quirky platformer, released last month on Xbox LIVE Arcade, will never make the transition to Sony’s black behemoth as they [Sony] apparently didn’t show much interest in the game during initial negotiations – as such, a PS3 release wasn’t included in the contract.
"Why wont this question die?" the studio commented. "We have answered it publicly at least 15 times but it just never ends."

"We can’t EVER do a PS3 version of Super Meat Boy because when we were going into negotiations with publishers, Sony was the only one that didn’t express much interest in the game. We assumed this meant they didn’t want the game, and [we] decided to sign with Nintendo and Microsoft.”

"Our contracts excluded any release on PS3," the firm explained. "We would have loved to do a PS3 version, but its not at all possible whatsoever now, so please stop asking about it."