PS3 to become a region free console

In a recent interview, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia’s managing director, Michael Ephraim pointed out the possibility of the next PlayStation console to completely avoid the hassle of region locking its videogames. He compared such a move to work similarly as games on PSP. Or recent HDTV’s that are now shunning the PAL and NTSC standards set for UK, Americas and the rest of the world.

Speaking about this interesting idea, he said “If you look at the fact that it(PS3) will support high-definition TV, which will be a global standard, there’s a good likelihood that it will be global region, as for example we’ve done with the PSP."

If this becomes reality in the near future it would make PlayStation 3 as one of the few consoles to break the barriers of TV standards like NTSC and PAL. How this gets implemented for those who still don’t own a High Definition TV is yet to be discussed. We believe Sony must have learned a lesson or two from its delayed launch of PSP in Europe resulting in law suits that only hurt the ideal consumer image Sony was aiming for. That same incident may also help drive the electronics giant into thinking the same as Ephraim.