PS3 triumphs over competition in Japan

Sony’s PlayStation 3 continues to enjoy increased momentum in the land of the rising sun this past week, finally pipping Nintendo’s DSi to the number one spot after an arduous chart battle.

The black behemoth sold through 36,513 units last week, scraping past the DSi, which shifted 35,827 during the same period. A close shave, then, but nonetheless a significant triumph for Sony’s flagship console.

Elsewhere, PSP continues to eclipse the Wii in sales, with Sony’s handheld shifting 35,588 units as Nintendo’s white box continues to lag in weekly sales at 17,876. Bringing up the rear again is Xbox 360 with 11,795 units sold.

Unsurprisingly, the spike in PS3’s chart performance has been attributed to the arrival of Sega’s Yakuza 3, which rocketed to the top of the Japanese software charts with a total of 372,000 copies sold.

Let’s hope Sony can sustain this momentum in the coming months.