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Our minds have just been blown by Sony’s reveal of PlayStation 4 at the PlayStation Meeting in New York City. We’ve been chatting, streaming, and publishing more stories than you can shake a DualShock at.

To make your PS4 learning adventure easier, we’ve compiled every news story, every image, and every big announcement in one place. Feast your eyes on the links below, and start reading about the future of PlayStation.

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It’s official! PlayStation 4 named as Sony’s next-generation console

Watch the PlayStation 4 reveal and PlayStation Meeting again

I saw the PlayStation 4 reveal in NYC. Here is my story.

PS4 reveal draws in 7.5 million viewers

Sony explains why the PlayStation 4 console wasn’t shown



Podcast Derailed LIVE! – PS4 Reveal Commentary



PS4 release date window announced


PS4 supports cross-game chat

Sony making indie development for PS4 easier

PS4 built around five key principles

PlayStation 4 will not block used games

PS4’s ‘Suspend Mode’ detailed, pick up games right where you left off

PlayStation 4 Eye details revealed

PlayStation 4 headset bundled with all next-gen consoles

PS4 games won’t require an Internet connection to play

PS4 games will primarily use Blu-Ray for the "foreseeable future"

PS4 play sessions can be preserved in RAM

PS4: Share videos instantly to Facebook, Killzone: Shadow Fall used as an example


Every confirmed and rumored PlayStation 4 game

Killzone: Shadow Fall announced

inFamous: Second Son confirmed for PS4

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt announced

Capcom unveils Deep Down

DriveClub confirmed for PS4, team-based racing game from MotorStorm devs

Mark Cerny, lead PS4 architect, developing Knack, a PS4 game

Destiny confirmed for PS3 and PS4, exclusive content for PlayStation gamers

Diablo III is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS3


The Witness, by Braid creator Jonathon Blow, will debut on PlayStation 4

Watch Dogs confirmed for PS4

Square Enix: We’re preparing a Final Fantasy game for E3 2013

Oddworld dev is working on a PS4 game

…And Game Details

Stunning Killzone: Shadow Fall screenshots unveiled

inFamous Second Son story details: new character, new city, new powers

Watch Dogs will launch with PS4 during the holidays

Here’s what Diablo III on PS4 and PS3 looks like

Braid creator’s PS4 game The Witness is a Sony exclusive, for now

Gameplay and story details released for Knack, PS4 character platformer

PS4 games will range from $0.99 to $60, says Tretton


Killzone: Shadow Fall full gameplay demo released

inFamous: Second Son announcement trailer released

Knack announcement trailer released

Explore Bungie’s Destiny in PS4 announcement trailer

Gaze in awe at Deep Down trailer, gorgeous Capcom RPG coming to PS4

PS4 indie puzzler The Witness gets trailer

Get revved up with DriveClub announcement trailer, MotorStorm devs bring social racing to PS4

Quantic Dream’s PS4 tech demo is the greatest facial animation gaming’s ever seen


PS3 games not natively supported on PS4, but technology available to allow past games to be played on any device

Gaikai CEO: PlayStation 4 may stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games to PS Vita

Remote Play with PS4 will stream any PS4 game to PS Vita

David Perry talks Gaikai


PS4 controller – what’s news, what’s different, what’s the same?

Gorgeous high-res screenshots of DualShock 4 released

DualShock 4 – new images show triggers, headphone port, Share button, and more

DualShock 4 for PS4 – specifications revealed

Sony unveils the DualShock 4

‘Share’ button on DualShock 4 will allow game spectating and other features


PS4 specifications in full

PS4 specs revealed and detailed

PS4 will support 4K ‘Ultra HD’ resolution for videos, not games

Mark Cerny is Lead System Architect on PlayStation 4

David Cage, developer of Heavy Rain, runs tech demo

Media Molecule announces new technology for PS4, replicate your dreams with PS Move

Square Enix shows off Luminous tech demo on PS4


Every PS4 game will be available as a digital download, says Yoshida

Sony mulling over ‘gold, silver or platinum’ options for PS4 online

New PlayStation Store images for PS4

PS4 won’t support your current PSN games


The PSU community sounds off on PlayStation 4