PS4 and Xbox One installed base to hit 50m by end of FY 2016

PS4 and Xbox One’s installed base could swell to 50 million by the end of FY 2016, publishing giant Electronic Arts said during its earnings call last night.

PS4 pack screenshot

The company said that Sony and Microsoft’s current-generation consoles are tracking 51 percent ahead of their predecessors during the same time period last-gen. EA attributes this growth to the rise of digital downloads, improved Internet access and lower storage costs.

Executives described the 50 million figure as "meaningful" for the publisher, but said it will also offer incentive for other companies to shift more focus to current-generation hardware than before.

After all, focusing exclusively on PS4 and Xbox One will allow developers to free themselves of any restrictions that would otherwise rear their head during cross-generation development. 

PS4 and Xbox One were launched in November 2013, with Sony’s machine having sold over 22 million units worldwide to date. The machine recenlty passed the two million milestone in the U.K., where it has been tracking ahead of PS2.