PS4 and Xbox One pre-order, second chance for release date collection from Walmart

Just when you thought your chance of buying a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and guaranteeing it for launch date might be gone, Walmart in the U.S. has confirmed a new batch of pre-order stock.

To guarantee a PS4 at launch date, you’ll have to go to a Walmart store and pay a 10 percent deposit, which equates to around $40 (PS4) and $50 (Xbox One). The console will be held until launch date but you’ll need to have paid it off in full before you pick it up on release date. The good news is that you can do this by paying in instalments.

The launch date for PS4 in North America has been confirmed as November 15, 2013. If you’re not planning on joining the queues outside those stores that may get a delivery of consoles on launch day, this looks like one of your best bets to ensure you’ve got a next-gen machine in your home from day one.

Source – Geek