PS4 anti-DRM campaigners target Sony on Twitter

PlayStation gamers, spurred on by a NEOGAF forum member, are taking to Twitter to appeal to Sony about the possible use of DRM protection on PlayStation 4 games.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is the controversial technology employed by copyright holders that allows them to control content after it’s been sold; in the case of the PS4, one way DRM may be used is to lock content to your PSN ID.

A number of Sony employees are being targeted through Twitter, including President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, and Scott Rohde, PlayStation Software Product Development Head for Sony Worldwide Studios America.

Though DRM hasn’t been confirmed for PS4 games, there’s a rumour going around that it is being considered. The campaign also focuses on the used-game market and campaigners are requesting that Sony do not block used games. If you’re against DRM, want to be able to play used games on your PS4 and want your voice to be heard, then head to NEOGAF and follow the masses.