PS4 controller triggers may be curved inward, leaked photo shows new angle

Yet another image of a supposed PlayStation 4 controller prototype has been leaked, this time showcasing concave L2 and R2 triggers.

The image below is a PSU edit of a Kotaku original (note the Kotaku watermark). The image was leaked by the same Kotaku source that first described PS4’s codename–Orbis–and who divulged information about "PlayStation World," the supposed follow-up to both PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Network.

As you can see, L2 and R2 have undergone a subtle redesign and now curve inward toward the controller base. The curvature is not as pronounced as the Xbox 360 equivalent, and a few other changes can be noted. L1 and R1 appear to be bigger than their respective DualShock 3 incarnations, and the section of the controller housing the (presumable) PlayStation Move sensor looks like a rounded beam of sorts. Furthermore, the controller grips are clearly more rounded than past DualShock models; we assume that ergonomics and comfort are the intent here.

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